The Problem of Evil in Our Times

It is often asked why 'God' allows evil in this world - if He is omnipotent, why dosn't He just get rid of evil persons? In the first place, there is no such thing as One Personal God - the ultimate God is an impersonal, unknowable consiousness which is totally beyond good and evil and contains all pairs of opposites within it. The 'lesser' personal Gods like the Planetary Logos or the Solar Logos will only act within the law - the main ones being the Law of Karma and that of Free will for all beings. Within these laws, They will act themselves and through their disciples to protect the innocent, but will not do anything that infringes on the free will of any persons or other entities. They also will not act to protect someone whose past karma (in this life or previous ones) dictates that he be at the receiving end of some evil act.

Destructive acts of nature should also not be considered 'evil'. Though death and destruction, especially many deaths occuring at once as in an earthquake, is a tragic event, these people will have another chance at life through reincarnation. The natural event may actually play a cleansing role for that region.

Also, we should not confuse evil forces with the common gangster or criminals, however despicable and heinous. These are merely ignorant and less developed human beings who will overcome their deficiency with the help of karma and reincarnation (However, after further evolution, they may yet join the ranks of the truly evil).

On the other hand what should considered evil, is that which separates or divides humanity as well as the rest of the creation into factions - by race, by ethinicity, by language, by wealth, by position.

The evil forces acting in the world today (as they have for several centuries) are of three types:

1. Evil men (or women)- evil human beings currently in incarnation.

'There is that innate tendency to selfishness and to separation which is inherent in the substance of our planet - matter itself. This leads to rampant materialism and selfishness. The men in whom this tendency is dominant are intelligent enough to know exactly what they are doing - they endeavor to keep their fellowmen in slavery of some kind or another, they gain material riches at the expense of the exploited, or they seek to hold for themselves and for gain the produce of the earth, and thus make the cost of life's necessities prohibitive to those not richly endowed. They are relatively few compared to the countless millions of men, but are exceedingly rich, powerful and influential.' (Paraphrased or quoted from Alice Bailey).

Politically, these men may consider themselves 'democratic', but they are actually fascists or perhaps 'libertarian'. The former believe that their own superior intelligence, strength or power gives them the right to control and exploit those relatively weaker than themselves, while the latter pretend that the people who are exploited and taken advantage of are doing so of their own 'choice'. They usually have very little concern for anything that affects the common good (i.e. the environment, public services etc), especially if those who would benefit are not like them (in race, class, culture, ethnicity, nationality etc). Since these people are rich and powerful, many ordinary people who would also like to be rich and powerful, are easily fooled and misled by them. These men also manage to be in positions of leadership by their ability to drive divisions in society on the basis or race, class, religion and other differences. (Many of these men are faceless, yet powerful, bankers and financiers - so their faces may not appear in the above image)

The really evil amongst them are also influenced and guided (if not nurtured) by the dark forces (described in the next section).

2. The Planetary Forces of Evil - Lords of the Dark Face.

These are men who are no longer in incarnation, but are members of the Planetary Black Lodge (similar to the Hierarchical White Lodge, but with evil intentions). 'The dark forces are ruled on the physical plane by a group of six oriental leaders and six occidental leaders; of these the oriental are the most powerful because they are the oldest racially and therefore the most experienced. They work by the intensification of glamor and by the stimulation of the lower psychic powers. The black magician usually works in an intensely individualistic way, and can be seen carrying out his schemes alone, or with the aid of subordinates. He brooks usually no known superior, but is nevertheless frequently the victim of agents on higher levels of cosmic evil, who use him as he uses his inferior cooperators, that is, he works (as far as the bigger purpose is involved) blindly and unconsciously.' (Paraphrased or quoted from Alice Bailey).

These are actually men who have lost the connection with their souls and are advanced enough to survive without their souls. They comprise the Planetary Dark Forces or the Lords of Materiality. They seek to thwart the plan of the 'Lord of the World' and so are in constant conflict with the Hierarchy (who are the custodians of this Plan).

These Black Lords usually work by influencing and swaying the masses - fomenting hatred and divisions. Since the more spiritual and less materialistic humanity becomes, the less power the Black Lodge will have in affecting the affairs of the world - they do their best (or worst) to retard the spiritual progress in world. Besides encouraging hatred between races, cultures and nations, they also use their influence to keep the masses enthralled and distracted by sensational events or materialistic aims.

The groups they are working through today are evangelical christian fundamentalists (mainly in the US), the neo-conservatives in the US, the zionists and extremists in Israel, the nationalist Serbians in Eastern Europe, the islamic fundamentalists in Iran, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the muslim world and hindu extremists in India. Their harmful actions usually succeed only if they are kept from public scrutiny - so they often work with secret organizations like the CIA, MI6, Mossad and Al Quida (they work on both sides simultaneously). They also attempt to work through (1) individuals who are really evil (those in the first group) as well as through (2) other weak minded individuals who may serve their purpose for specific acts.

A good example of the first was Hitler who was 'obsessed' by not one, but two members of the Black Lodge. Though he knew that he was being periodically controlled by a member of the Black Lodge, Hitler was fascinated as well as very impressed by the person, whom he called the 'superman'. He was also very frightened by him. (There are reports that Hitler often slept with lights on because of this fear. Another interesting fact - Dick Cheney also appears to like sleeping with the lights on. Is this just a coincidence? ). Hitler's personal aims as well as temperament coincided with the aims of these Black Lords. However, they were the ones who were talking when Hitler made any of his major speeches - hence his ability to move the masses. (For those who may be curious, Hitler and most his upper echelon are currently in the lower regions of Kamaloka, which would be what Christianity refers to as hell or rather purgatory since it is not eternal. If we can raise the vibration/consciousness of this world in the next several years, they will not be able to reincarnate here after their 'term' is over - they may have to do so in some less developed planet. Many of the second-tier Nazis, however, have incarnated again - mainly in the US and Israel, some hold high positions in the governments there).

An example of the second would be those people who have assassinated major leaders in the last century (possibly including Oswald, James Earl Ray etc). On the face of it, the people who committed these acts seem very inept and even simple-minded. It is very difficult to believe that they acted and planned all of this alone - which leads to stories of conspiracies, mind-control etc that can somehow never be proven. All this is easily explained, when we understand that they have been inspired, helped and guided by the Black Lodge. The same Black Lodge will be working against the targeted individually through many different people (even organizations) simultaneously. So it may seem like multiple conspiracies were taking place at the same time. (In the case of Kennedy - Oswald, the Mafia, the CIA, the Cuban government all seemed to not only have motives but also the opportunity to assassinate him - I personally believe the coordination was through the Black lodge - something impossible to prove).

Another example of the second I believe, are the sex scandals in the US - these are mainly used by Black Lodge to distract the majority of the population of the US, retard their spiritual growth and keep them from examining the actions of their own government. The last is important, since the US is the most powerful country as well as a democracy. So the only way they get the US to act in accordance with the wishes of the Black Lodge, is to put evil men in power and then distract the population. I believe the accusations against Kobe Bryant and more recently Michael Jackson (whether they are guilty or not) were inspired by the Black Lodge. The newest attempt to sidetrack the people from the current dire world situation seems to be by the resurrection of the Jon Benet Ramsey murder case (the suspect John Mark Karr appears to be weak and unstable enough to be influenced by them).

3. Cosmic Evil

This type of evil is extra-planetary and is something we cannot hope to understand. The entrance of Cosmic Evil on the planet (from the Cosmic Astral plane) is actually an aberration and it was never meant (i.e. not in the Plan of God) to affect the earth and its inhabitants. In terms of the age of the planet, this is relatively a recent phenomenon. But something went terribly wrong - man became too materialistic, too selfish, too driven by hate and this opened the door to the entrance of Cosmic Evil onto Earth. This first took place in the decadent days of the Roman Empire. Since then the door has been kept open (or opened wider) by 'the corrupt regime of the Kings of France', the Axis Powers under Hitler and the Nazis. In more recent times, this door has been kept open by the Zionists and extremists in Israel and its government. (True there have been other evil regimes and countries, but were it not for Israel, the door to Cosmic Evil would have been closed after World War II).

Protection against Evil

The main task of humanity at large is mainly to recognize the motives of the first group and rise up against them as a mass movement, using non-violent means. They need to realize that once united as a world community, they have far more power than these few men, however rich, who have been manipulating them for centuries.

Defending humanity against the acts of the Black Lodge is really the task of the Hierarchy and they have been doing that for centuries, as long the Law (or Karma) permits it. For example, the CIA (probably inspired by the Black Lodge) has been attempting to assassinate Fidel Castro for decades - so far he has been successfully protected by the Hierarchy. Since Castro is a good leader who has done a lot for his country, the Law and Karma permits Them to do so. (I am very much afraid that if Castro personally takes part in the execution of any innocent Cubans, this protection may have to be withdrawn). Interesting to note that Castro has claimed that the GWBush administration has also attempted to assassinate him - this is not hard to believe since GWBush administration has assassinated several foreign leaders in the recent past, including Rafik Hariri. Similarly, I believe, some leaders of Hamas have been protected by the Hierarchy against Israeli assassinations, but this protection seems to have diminished after the increase in indiscriminate suicide bombings. Arafat, however, was still under Hierarchy protection until his death due to natural causes. I believe, the Hierarchy could not protect JFK because of his own failings, his hands were far from clean, his Karma not good enough for the Law to allow Them to protect him.

Protection against Cosmic Evil is really the job of Shambala and the Lord of the World. We can be assured that They will do there part, once countries like Israel and the US (under George Bush) come to their senses and work towards world unity and world peace rather than what they have been doing for the last few years (in other words the door to Cosmic Evil is essentially being kept open by the past and present actions of Israel and the Bush administration).
Update: Finally the long nightmare is about to be over. The election of Barack Obama will soon change the US administration and there are clear indications that many of George Bush's policies will be overturned. Israel, however, still remains a major source of evil in the world.



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