Human Races and Evolution of the Planet

The page describes the various human races from an esoteric point of view and how they came into being. Heretofore I have hesitated to write about this topic since it is easily misunderstood and can give offense. When thinking about race it is not right to compare them in terms of which is 'better', it is enough to know that they are different and their differences actually make life on earth more interesting. There is no such thing as a 'superior' race, each race is special in its own way and appropriate for the time and place where it exists. A place like the U.S. where all races have come together to live as equals, the diversity makes the country itself more special, vibrant and its people more open-minded and tolerant.

Evolution of A Planet

Elsewhere on this website we discussed the evolution of a human being and the thousands of incarnations he has to take before he attains perfection and is finally freed from the cycle of birth and death. A planet in our solar system goes through a similar process of evolution taking multiple incarnations although each incarnation lasts millions of years and there are limited number of them. Just as humans have multiple bodies, each planet at any given time has seven globes (Globe A thru G). Each globe exists on a different plane (or dimension if you prefer) - the physical (gross as well as etheric), the astral, the mental, the intuitional or the spiritual (The Blavatsky theosophists use slightly different terms than Leadbeater or Alice Bailey neotheosophists, but I don't think it makes much difference). At any given time only one of the globes is on the physical plane (Leadbeater differs on this - a controversy still to be resolved).

This idea of globes, planes and chains can be very confusing. But suffice it to say

Currently our planet, the Earth, is in its fourth Chain, Globe D, fourth Round, fifth Root Race, fifth sub-race, fifth branch race. The races overlap, so the people from fourth Root Race are still living on Earth (and still evolving themselves) as the sixth branch race is about to be born soon.

The Moon Chain

Our moon is actually the physical Globe D of the previous chain of our planet. In other words the moon is the leftover corpse of the Earth's last incarnation. Hence the third chain of our planet is known as the Lunar or Moon Chain. (Hence, in Hindu epics people are often referred to have descended from the Moon line (Chandravamshi) or the Sun (Suryavamshi)).

The Earth Chain

The Root Races

Root Races are stages in human evolution and development. Their birth, formation and eventual destruction is managed and guided by the Root Manu of the Manavantara (he is referred to by the Hindus as Vaivaswat Manu - he is really the Biblical Adam, although there is one for each Root Race)

1. Polarian Root Race

This was the first Root Race of this chain, born of the most evolved beings of the previous chain, the Lunar Pitris. The first race appeared somewhere near the North Pole. Although they are called men, they were hardly anything like human their bodies were boneless, ethereal and they were mindless, senseless and soulless with no separation of sexes, but it was a step in the evolution of humans.

2. Hyperborean Root Race

This was the second Root Root evolved from the first one, but still boneless, mindless and more solid than the previous race but still a bit ethereal. They occupied what is today Northern Asia.

3. Lemurian Root Race

This was the third Root Race which was more solid with bones. They started as sexless, then became double-sexed (hermaphrodite) and eventually separated into two sexes. The Lemurian Race existed on the Lemurian Continent which probably stretched from Africa across Asia and parts of it are under water now. The evolution of man at this time was going astray, leading to the birth of monstrous beings which eventually needed to be destroyed.

This was when the 'Lords of the Flame' (from Venus), the 'Solar Pitris' descended on Earth and decided to take over the management of its evolution (about 18 million years ago) before things got completely out of hand. The 'Lord of the World', 'the Great Sacrifice', 'Ancient of Days', Sanat Kumara now decided to take residence on the planet at Shambala and look after Earth's evolution and progress. The first Spiritual Hierarchy, made up of all non-humans (the Sons of Wisdom) was established. The members of the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Sons of Wisdom or Masters of Wisdom, lived openly amongst men and helped them in their development.

The humans were now endowed with minds and souls of the Solar Pitris. This was the 'Fall', the Solar Angels descending into mortal men. The men were like giants, without speech and had a third eye (but perhaps not in the middle of the forehead, but at the back).

4. Atlantean Root Race

The fourth Root Race started on the Lemurian continent but eventually migrated to Atlantis - a lost continent, somewhere in the Atlantic ocean. The Atlanteans were also like giants (but they lost the third eye which petrified and disappeared into the head). But they were far more advanced - they developed speech/writing, built big cities, cultural centers and sophisticated technologies (more advanced than ours, including airplanes and weapons of mass destruction).

The sub-races of the Alantean Root Race:

But trouble started during the Toltec subrace. The Atlanteans began using black magic and turning to materialism and evil. The Turanians continued this practice of black magic and evil practices. A great battle took place between the black magicians and the white magicians (who were advised and helped by the Masters of Wisdom). Again the decision had to be taken by the Lord of the World to destroy Atlantis (by means of the great flood). The white magicians were warned by the Masters of Wisdom about the sinking of the continent. They and their followers escaped in ships to the east. Atlantian weapons, technology, knowledge of science, magic and psychic powers were all destroyed.

The Forces of Light won the battle over the Forces of Darkness, however the Masters of Wisdom now could no longer live openly amongst men whose spirituality had been so compromised. The Masters moved into hidden locations on Earth (like the Himalayas) and from now on guided the Earth's development from behind the scenes.

5. Aryan Root Race

This was the fifth Root Race - our current one. The Manu usually starts a Root Race from the corresponding subrace of the previous Root Race (and a sub-race is started from the corresponding branch race of the previous subrace). This means the Aryan, the fifth Root Race originated from the Phoenician Semites (5th subrace) of the Atlantean Root Race.

The Manu (the biblical Noah) gathered together these Ancient Semites and persuaded them to migrate eastwards as a group. He told them they had been "Chosen' and that he would take them to the 'Promised Land'. This was the beginning of the misunderstanding of today's Jews of being 'the Chosen' people and having a 'Promised Land' in the middle east. The chosen were actually a separate group of their ancestors who were to become the original Aryan Race and the Promised Land was the 'White Island' in a sea which is now the Gobi Desert. The Semites who were left behind (and who later became the Hebrews) were never chosen or promised anything. It is said that the 'chosen' were a relatively small group of 9000 Atlantean Semites who were put on ships and taken eastwards under the leadership of the Manu (who had taken incarnation). (Note: These were a fleet of ships led by the Manu/Noah - not a giant ark as mentioned in the Bible, neither were there 'pairs of animals' on board, just the domesticated animals belonging to the passengers).

After many years of migration this group arrived on the White Island and established the 'City of the Bridge'. Vaivaswat Manu (a member of the Spiritual Hierarchy and an advanced Master of Wisdom) then began his design/plan for the new Aryan Root Race by isolating this group of chosen people from the rest of humanity. The different subraces of this Root Race were born on the White Island and sent out by the Manu in waves to settle in different parts of the world (in some cases the Manu himself led the migration). Inter-marriage with outsiders or between races was strictly forbidden in order to keep the new race pure (this taboo still exists in India in terms of caste).

The subraces of the Aryan Root Root:

The White Island now no longer exists and the sea has been replaced by a desert. By 10,000 BC, the 'City of the Bridge' lay in ruins. The next subrace will be born elsewhere, not in isolation like was done before, but in the very middle of human population with some kind of moral boundary to keep the subrace pure. As can be seen the European Aryans are the dominant race of today, but earlier subraces have each had their own period of dominance - India had its Golden Age, Egypt had its Pharaohs, Persia had its Empire, there was the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire, then the British Empires and now it is America which is dominating the world.

The sixth subrace will most likely be born in the US (probably in Southern California), but also perhaps in New Zealand as well as Australia at the same time. The seventh subrace as well as the sixth Root Race may be born in South America (perhaps in Brazil). As has been stated before, races overlap, so there are remnants of the Atlantean and even Lemurian Root Races still living on Earth and they are still evolving (so we should not think that they are in anyway less evolved than the rest).

East Asians, like the Japanese, Chinese, Koreans are descended from the Mongolian subrace (seventh subrace) of the Atlantean Root Race, but in many ways they are more advanced than some of the Aryans. Today's Africans are remnants of the Atlantean Rmoahal (first) subrace. But race is not just a question of genetics and physical characteristics, it also includes the astral and mental bodies. So the East Asians and middle class Africans, being born in the US and other western countries today, are really Aryan (although externally they may still look of the Mongolian or other subrace). The Jewish diaspora - almost all Ashkenazi Jews, became Aryan a long time ago. Also Root Race should not be confused with skin color. Aryans can be black, brown, yellow, red or white or anywhere in between - skin color has nothing to do with it. (Hitler, besides being evil, was not very bright - he thought Aryans were only blonde, blue eyed people)

The branches of the fifth subrace (source):

As new subraces and/or branch races are born, the other races will still exist and will themselves keep evolving, but focus of civilization and human progress will move to the newest subrace/branch race.

Currently most members of the Spiritual Hierarchy are humans and the head of the Masters of Wisdom, the Bodhisattva, the Christ himself, is also human. The Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara and his group of Kumaras (originally from Venus and previously from the Pleiades), still preside over and manage the evolution of our planet.

Each Chain, each Round, each Root Race has a Day of Judgment. It is not really a single day, but a period of several years during which the Gods decide whether the race should continue to evolve or be eliminated. Whether some members of the race will continue to reincarnate or be left behind to try again in the next race or even the next Round. No souls are ever lost or sent to eternal hell (like some Christians may believe), but on this Day of Judgment, your spiritual progress may be deemed to be too slow and hence you may be kept back (in a sort of limbo state) to try again in the next incarnation of the planet i.e. the next Round. Like the Atlanteans in the 4th subrace, we Aryans in the 5th subrace are at our Day of Judgement.

The Lord of the World will need to decide soon which of us can continue in the new Age or in the worst case whether the entire Root Race needs to be eliminated. Although as in Atlantean times, materialism and selfishness have gained a foothold in our times, there is still a strong spirit of good will and altruism left in the human race and black magic is thankfully not prevalent as it was then. We can all hope for the best. We can hope that the Christ Maitreya's Imminent Return and mission of rescuing the world from materialism and selfishness will be successful. It is said that the Christ, himself, believes that it will be so.

Note: Although it is quite probable that the Earth will come out of the Judgement Day, a better and happier place, not all its inhabitants will make it successfully. It is likely that almost one third of the Earth's population will be 'left behind'. This does not mean they will be killed or eliminated in anyway, but once their current incarnation is over, they will no longer be allowed to reincarnate on Earth (they are just too spiritually undeveloped for the 'new' Earth). Some of them may be sent to a less developed planet like Pluto (which is several thousand years behind the Earth in terms of development). But most of them will be put in a kind of limbo state, waiting for the next Round of Earth when they will need to start over. As the Christ has already indicated (in Matthew 25:31-46), these people (the goats) are the ones

For example, Vice President Pence who matches the description of a goat perfectly (Mitch McConnell is a close second), will very likely (I predict) be born in his next incarnation as a woman on the planet Pluto and will be forced to remain in a perpetual pregnant state and give birth to and take care of numerous babies (there being no easy birth control or safe abortions available in that primitive, barbaric place). He will probably have to perform hard manual labor in order to feed his family.

Incidentally, today's racist white supremacists are probably some of the least evolved members of our race (they are possibly remnants of the mindless early Lemurians☺) and most of them will very likely be left behind on the Day of Judgment which is already upon us even as you read this page.


It is very important to realize that a human soul does not belong to any specific race. In fact a human soul does not have any race or ethnicity at all. A soul only has a race while it is in incarnation on Earth or still in its astral body after death. Before and after those two states of the soul, it has no race at all (or even gender). As the soul of a human goes through cycles of birth, death and re-birth or the cycle of reincarnation (see this page), it assumes many different races, ethnicities and nationalities. An African black person in this life, could very well be Japanese in the next life and a hispanic or white American in the one after that (the circumstances of our birth are a choice made by the soul in consultation with its guides - limited by karma). For instance, Jesus in his next and final incarnation came back as a Greek, while both Saint Paul and Saint John chose to be born as North Indians in their last incarnation. On the other hand, some souls may choose to be born into the same nation or race continuously for many, many turns. Your choice of rebirth is of course limited by your karma from previous lives - so nobody gets completely what they would prefer.


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