The World Financial Crisis and the Return of the Christ (...still under constructions)

There are many reasons for the current crisis in the world financial system. The reasons most often cited and the people most often blamed are

However, apart from the above reasons which are true, there is a deeper reason for the financial crisis and why it is happening now. One of the reasons is the very nature of a capitalistic system. Though most Americans believe in capitalism as if it were their religion (i.e. it is heresy to question it), capitalism is inherently an unstable as well as an unjust system.

Unstable because any system based on greed, selfishness on the part of its participants, will inevitably collapse as each one tries to grab as much of the riches for himself as possible without any regard for the common good. This unchecked greed leads to speculation, excessive risk as well as major cases of fraud causing periods of booming high prosperity which inevitably end in downturns which are proportionately deep. These downturns can destroy national economies and in a globalized world, even the global economic structure.

Unjust because capitalism does not provide an even playing field. In capitalism, those with the capital are always at an advantage. Those without capital (including ordinary labor) can desperately try to catch up and though some talented people may succeed, more often than not the rich become richer and the poor just compete with each other to survive. So the fall of an unstable, unjust system (which is what the current crisis is actually about) was inevitable.

The reason the fall of capitalism is happening now is that we are entering a new age - the Age of Aquarius and the Christ is about to return to inaugurate this New Age. The energies of Aquarius as so different from that of Pisces that institutions (including the unjust economic structure), which existed so far, are no longer suitable. With the start of the New Age, it is not just the economic system that is collapsing, the political, social and religious institutions are also collapsing and need to be reinvented. It is up to humanity to replace them with sustainable structures meant for the common good, those based on sharing, justice and democracy rather than on greed and competition. If humanity does not make this choice correctly, its very existence will be in jeopardy.

The Masters' advise us to create an economic structure with a mix of capitalism and socialism. This does not necessarily mean that the government should own industry, but that the government should exercise adequate control over private enterprise, so that major corporations are managed with the common good as a goal and not just the maximizing of profits as a goal. Once the Christ and his Masters start their mission openly in the world, there will be plenty of good advice and wisdom available to us about what to do about today's crumbling political, economic and social structures. In the meantime, here are some modest suggestions for the President-elect Barack Obama and his new administration:

Created: January, 2009

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