Glimpses of the Future

Evolution of Earth

The evolution of a human soul and its progress as it reincarnates and dies on Earth is described on another page. However, while the individual is evolving, so is the species as a whole. Not only does the human species evolve, so does the animal kingdom as a whole - in fact all life forms on earth as well as the planet itself are evolving and so does in turn the entire creation.

Evolution of the Animal Kingdom

The spiritualization of the animal kingdom is one of the tasks of humanity. However, as the planet as well as the animal kingdom becomes more spiritual, some animal species are no longer appropriate for this level of spirituality. Hence, it becomes time for such species (usually highly ferocious ones, like dinosaurs of the past or the lions and tigers of the present) to become extinct. Humanity should never try to hasten this process of extinction by their own actions (like destroying the habitat of the species), but neither should it try to save and preserve such a species at any cost. It is just time for some species to leave the earth - they include lions, tigers, polar bears, rhinos etc. By the preserving a few of these (especially in captivity like in a zoo or circus), humanity is actually impeding the progress of these species in the evolutionary process. Though animals do not have an individualized soul, the animal soul is immortal just like man's. After death the animal soul goes back to join the species Oversoul. Though it no longer exists as a separate entity, portions of it are essentially reborn in different animals. When a species becomes extinct the Oversoul of that species then evolves to a more spiritualized species. By preserving such outdated animals by extraordinary efforts, humans are interfering with the process of evolution in general and of this Oversoul in particular.

Evolution of the Human Species

Just as the individual soul evolves, the human species also evolves - which really means its different bodies are collectively evolving. The various bodies of a human: are all evolving. The evolution of the first three bodies (physical,etheric and astral) is almost complete in the last few ages. The astral/emotional body, the last one to be well developed, is now the most dominant body that a man has. We are currently in the process of developing our mental body so that it becomes as developed as the astral one. The causal body will be worked on in a future age.

However, even the physical body, whose makeup (in other words its DNA, organs, senses etc) is now pretty much stable and complete, has some evolving to do. The next step for the human body is to develop its sense of sight, so that it can see etheric objects - i.e. to develop etheric vision. There will come a time when a new generation of humans will be born with the ability to see etheric objects (this will probably take at least 50 to 200 years, in my opinion). The physical eyes will probably never be able to see astral or objects of higher vibration (except some highly developed humans who can see them even today). Already a very small percentage of children are being born with etheric vision, so do not be surprised if your child claims to see some things you don't (etheric objects are still physical objects, they are not to be confused with the spirit or astral world).

At a certain stage in human development, the physical body itself will drop off (is the correct term atrophy?). This means a new generation of humans will be born without a physical body (but just with the other four). Since by that time humanity will already have developed etheric vision, the older generation will still be able to see their children, who will no longer have today's physical bodies, but just etheric ones. I believe the dropping of the physical body will not happen for at least a thousand years.

While these changes are taking place in the physical body, humanity as a whole will be working on developing its mental body (which by some cosmic measures is still quite primitive).

Extraterrestrial Life and Humanity

Most readers will be surprised to learn that all the planets in our solar system are inhabited - even densely populated by humans and animals of that planet. However, our telescopes, satellites and space probes have not seen any of them (except some close encounters which are immediately ridiculed and discredited). This is so because the planets that are close enough to be probed (Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn) are all evolved enough (further than earth), so that their inhabitants have dropped their physical bodies (see the section above) and now possess only etheric bodies (as well as the three higher ones). This means that until humanity develops etheric vision, we will not normally be able to see any of these extra-terrestrials (who happen to our neighbors in space), unless they temporarily lower their vibration to make themselves visible (this state cannot be maintained indefinitely). Those extraterrestrials who are less developed than Earth humans and still retain their gross physical bodies (on Pluto for instance) have not yet been observed closely by our space probes.

These ETs have been visiting earth in their etheric bodies and etheric space vehicles (UFOs) for many centuries. They have been patiently waiting for the earth to be spiritualized enough and developed enough (technologically and otherwise) to be welcomed into their group of civilized planets. Unlike the inhabitants of Earth, the ETs live in peace with each other. In spite of their technological progress, they have no weapons of mass destruction or any offensive weapons at all. They have been watching the happenings on earth often with much horror at man's cruelty and inhumanity towards one another. However, by the cosmic law of Free Will, they are not allowed to interfere in the affairs of the Earth to prevent any wars or killings. Also they can save people in danger (of death by war or famine or disease) only according to the Law of Karma. Just as the Christ cannot just emerge into the world and insist that all humans behave themselves and try to save the dying, the ETs hands are tied by the Law of Free Will and of Karma. Except for a few publicized close encounters, the stories of their existence have easily been discredited because everyone on Earth can not see them as yet. Besides the problem of visibility, there has been an attempt (quite successful) by the US government through its military/intelligence apparatus(CIA-NSA-NRO-ONI-DoD) to ridicule stories about UFOs or space aliens wherever they appear, to marginalize anyone who claims to know of their existence.

This campaign of disinformation by the US military/intelligence apparatus has gone even further than that. There has been a well executed plan and operation to malign these space visitors and claim that they are responsible for abductions and experimentation with human victims. Far from being true, it is the military/intelligence complex itself, which is responsible for these abductions and experimentation and also for even more weird and diabolic actions like cattle mutilations. The space visitors are actually responsible for benign actions like creating crop circles (one way to make their presence 'visible') or beneficent ones like cleaning the earth's atmosphere of pollution.

The reasons for the actions of the US military/intelligence community with regards to the ETs and the history behind it, is complex and sordid and deserves a page of its own. You can read more about it here. Suffice to say, the ETs or the Space Brothers are harmless and benign. We have a lot to learn from them, not only technologically but also to learn how to live in peace and harmony with everyone around us as well as with nature. Up until last month, I had believed that humanity would not be ready to welcome the Space Brothers for at least another 25 to 30 years. However, it appears that this was too pessimistic. From the statements of one of the Masters, it seems that this will occur much sooner - maybe just a few years after the Christ's emergence. Already, the Space Brothers have set up four star-like luminaries (actually enormous spaceships) around the world, visible for all to see, to herald the Return of the Christ.

Technologies of the Future

The Masters advice that the use of nuclear power plants be discontinued immediately. Not only are they prone to accidents which maybe devastating, but they emit a dangerous radiation which is not yet detectable by us. The Masters suggest that fusion energy is the best alternative to not only current fission nuclear plants, but also to all use of fossil fuel. They predict that cold fusion generators small enough to power individual homes can solve all our energy requirements as well as problems of pollution and global warming. The only thing needed for making this happen is sufficient investment and effort put into research and development of fusion technology. The main impediment to this are vested interests that are invested in the current nuclear and fossil fuel energy industry.

However, fusion technology is just a technology for the near and intermediate future. The Masters have predicted the availability of a new kind of technology called the Technology of Light which will solve nearly all technological problems. This technology will not only provide practically unlimited energy, but also enable new advances in the medical and health fields that will assure human beings much longer, disease free lives. The Technology of Light, however, will only be released to humanity once they have learned to live with each other in peace and harmony without any chance of a war, since this technology will make possible even more dangerous weapons of mass destruction.

Created: August, 2009

References: Share International

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