The Great UFO Coverup Conspiracy

Hopefully you have come to this page after going through the rest of the material on this site. This is the last page in the sequence and some things will appear more logical if you read all of the other stuff first. If you have not, you are probably too lazy to click a few links and read it now (we are the TV generation that hates reading), so I will recapitulate a few things:

To repeat from the previous page: '.. the ETs have been visiting earth for centuries in their etheric bodies and etheric space vehicles (UFOs). They have been patiently waiting for the earth to be spiritualized enough and developed enough (technologically and otherwise) to be welcomed into their group of civilized planets. Unlike the inhabitants of Earth, the ETs live in peace with each other. In spite of their technological progress, they have no weapons of mass destruction or any offensive weapons at all. They have been watching the happenings on earth often with much horror at man's cruelty and inhumanity towards one another.' They are forbidden by Cosmic Law to interfere with the affairs of the Earth, and so they have been silently watching and making occasional contact when it was deemed appropriate and permissible.

An explanation of 'etheric' bodies: All human beings have five bodies of increasing 'vibration' which envelop our souls:

Our eyes can currently see only the physical body, but someday we will develop the ability to see etheric objects also. As the human species evolves further, develops spiritually and physically, it will eventually drop the physical body and will be able to survive in incarnation only with the four higher bodies.

The Space Visitors

The inhabitants of many of the planets of our solar system (Uranus, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars etc) have progressed further than humans on Earth, both technologically as well as spiritually. Hence these Extraterrestrials have already dropped their gross physical bodies and exist with only the higher four of the bodies listed above. Since they have no physical bodies (only bodies made of etheric matter), they normally can not be seen by human eyes. They travel in etheric space ships which also are not visible normally. They also live in homes made of etheric matter and use etheric tools, so if you land on Mars you will not see any buildings or people or anything resembling a settlement.

Most of the visitors are from Mars or Venus. Venus is a very highly developed planet far ahead of the Earth (both spiritually and technologically). The planet Venus has a special connection to Earth. In fact many of the initial members of the Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy as well as the Lords of the Flame of Shambala including Sanat Kumara Himself, originally come from Venus. Mars is pretty much at the same level of spiritual development as Earth (much further technologically). Luckily for them, the Dark Forces have not gained a foothold on their planet, so they have progressed much further than Earth (actually luck has nothing to do with it, humanity by its own actions allowed the Dark Forces to enter the affairs of this world). Each planet has its Spiritual Hierarchy and each Hierarchy is in contact with each other - so the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Earth is always in touch and consultation with the other planetary Hierarchies. The planets of our solar system in the order of development (spiritual, technological etc):

  1. Uranus
  2. Mercury
  3. Vulcan
  4. Venus
  5. Jupiter & Neptune
  6. Saturn
  7. Mars
  8. Earth
  9. Pluto
The first seven are the seven sacred planets (their seven Logoi being 'the Seven Spirits before the throne of God' - Revelation 1:4. The 'God' in this case is the Solar Logos - there are individual 'Gods' at different levels though They are all essentially part of one undifferentiated consciousness).

Physically the ETs look fairly anthropomorphic - two large eyes, two legs, two hands, rather slim. The Martians are short while the Venusians can be tall (I have no information about those from other planets). Their bodies seem quite elegant and utilitarian to me, in no way ugly or revolting as they are often portrayed in science fiction movies. The bodies are not muscular since all heavy lifting is done by directed thought or an act of will (Sanskrit - sankalpa) rather than brute force, so physical strength and huge muscles are redundant (sorry Ahnold!). They mainly communicate with each other using telepathy, but they are probably capable of speaking out aloud. Though more advanced, the ETs are in no way perfect like the members of our Hierarchy (or theirs). A Martian would probably be pretty much like some decent, non-violent, friendly liberal Earth person. A Venusian perhaps being more advanced would be more like a soulful, spiritual, dignified person. I don't know if they have our sense of humor or ability to enjoy being silly, but we will eventually find that out. Maybe they like watching movies just like we do, I just hope to God that their taste in movies is better than that of most human beings.

As stated above, the ETs have been observing humans for many centuries without making any attempt to contact (except in isolated cases). However, in 1945 a new situation arose. The United States developed the nuclear bomb, Russia soon followed and the nuclear age began in earnest. Now, these countries were not only capable of destroying each other but also all other life on earth as well. Not only did the world live under the threat of a nuclear holocaust, the countries were planning to build nuclear power plants which the ETs knew were dangerous - prone to accidents as well as polluting the atmosphere with a very harmful radiation while operating normally (a type of radiation not yet detectable by man). The ETs decided it was high time to make contact with the responsible governments (basically the US government which was the only one in 1947 with nuclear weapons) before some irreversible catastrophe occurred. (This decision may have something to do with the fact that around the same time in June 1945, the Christ announced His intention to return to Earth very soon whenever humanity was somewhat ready to receive Him - I don't know for certain if the timing of the two events are related).

Note:You can read more about the ETs, their contacts with humans and the nature of the eventual cover up at the Disclosure Project which goes into far more detail Almost all of the information on that site is accurate (even though Dr Steven Greer does seem a bit full of himself). However, even the 'Disclosure Project' has some inaccurate information - mainly misinformation fed by the US military/intelligence 'cabal'.

The Roswell Incident

Once the decision was taken to contact the US government by the ETs, there was one problem - to humans, the ETs were essentially invisible, which meant they did not exist. Even though the etheric spaceships could be brought down in vibration to make them temporarily visible, that was apparently not enough to prove their existence. Anyone who claimed to have seen them was assumed to have hallucinated or been on drugs. So the ETs came up with a radical, courageous plan that required the supreme sacrifice. A small spaceship with two or three Martians on board would have its vibration level lowered so as to be brought down to the physical plane and then deliberately crashed into the New Mexico desert near Roswell. Only one Martian survived the crash, but was critically injured. The US military eventually gathered all pieces of crashed vehicle, the bodies of the Martians and tried to figure out what was going on. There were many witnesses, since locals as well as military personnel were involved in the clean up. However, the decision was made at the highest level to hush the whole thing up, classify the incident top secret in order not to panic the populace, while the ship and bodies were studied. (Interesting note: The spacecraft being made of etheric matter eventually deteriorated into an unrecognizable mass no longer holding its shape. The captured alien soon died - it is not known whether the alien succumbed to his injuries due to the crash or because of mistreatment/torture by his captors.)

The US Government and ETs

Now that concrete proof of the existence of the ETs was available to the US government, the ETs started sending messages to the leadership which knew about the Roswell incident. The central message was that nuclear weapons were very dangerous and should be eliminated, plans to build nuclear power plants should be shelved immediately and in return the ETs would help the world develop new sources of energy which were safe and essentially unlimited. The elimination of nuclear was naturally a military decision, but the civilian leadership of that time was also involved.

This was the time of the cold war. Harry Truman was the President. Truman was no Roosevelt - he was a small town Southerner, a decent man, but no great statesman - not exactly an internationalist or overly broad-minded. He had no regrets about using the atomic bombs (My personal opinion: Even if as many would say, using the bomb was necessary to end the war, why did they need to use two? That's like saying we have to kill more than one person to scare the neighbors. Just one dead body doesn't do the trick). When Germany attacked Russia, Truman said "If we see that Germany is winning we ought to help Russia and if Russia is winning we ought to help Germany, and that way let them kill as many as possible, although I don't want to see Hitler victorious under any circumstances." He and his cold war Generals were the people who would be making the decision on what to do about the ETs overtures.

The decision was made to ignore the ETs urgent messages. A secret department was created to investigate the ETs, their downed spaceship and their ultra high technology. How did the thought process go? How did they decide what the best course of action was? Since the whole affair is so highly classified, we can only speculate. So here goes (pure speculation):

I am sure we can come up with a lot of different scenarios. When governments keep information, which rightfully belongs to all humanity, so secret, I think we have the right to speculate all we want. There is of course no need to be at all charitable in our speculation about their motives. If any of the readers have their own ideas, please mail them to me at the address at the bottom).

The decision was unanimous - the aliens were to be ignored. The Truman team basically did not take the ETs that seriously. After all any US marine could break one of those ETs, that they had found on the ship, into two pieces with both his hands tied behind his back. Our jewels - the nukes would be preserved and strengthened. The incident would be completely covered up. It was a wonderful day in America.

When the Truman term ended in 1953, General Eisenhower, the golfing President entered office. The General knew exactly how to fight battles and win wars. Just command someone to do it while he went golfing. Eisenhower's cabinet contained two of the most evil men in the world since WWII - the Dulles brothers (Kissinger, Dick Cheney, David Addington, Karl Rove and Elliot Abrams come pretty close in matching them in evil). One brother was the Secretary of State and the other one was Director of the CIA. And then there was Nelson Rockefeller - he was no stranger to secrecy and the intelligence agencies and Eisenhower had already assigned chairmanship of the President's Advisory Committee on Government Reorganization. In addition Rockefeller was appointed the head of the Operations Coordinating Board responsible for integrating the implementation of national security policies - the OCB included the Under Secretary of State, the Deputy Secretary of Defense, the Director of the Foreign Operations Administration, the Director of Central Intelligence, and the President's Special Assistant for Psychological Warfare (from Wikipedia).

The ET phenomenon had been well analyzed by the military by now. The report that Nelson Rockefeller saw was devastating - it basically predicted the end of world as he knew it. Nelson Rockefeller was reputedly a 'liberal', eastern republican, not like the narrow minded ones from the south. However, Nelson also believed in the 'American way' and the superiority of 'Western civilization'. He was proud of his white, Anglo-Saxon heritage, American capitalism and his Christian upbringing. He was also an internationalist who believed in spreading these American/European values across the world through evangelizing. The other earthly races were the white man's burden and he would show them the right way to live. But these ETs were going to spoil all that. They appeared to be far more advanced and superior. They even talked in terms of peace and brotherhood. If the world at large found out about these superior beings, why would they bother with what he and America had to say? It would be the end of American and Anglo-Saxon domination. It may even be the end of capitalism. With cheap, unlimited energy sources like the ETs promised, the third world would advance at a rapid pace. All poverty and want would be eliminated. Within a couple of decades, they would catch up with the West. With free energy and technological progress, the countries with the highest population would be the most powerful. China and India would be dominant with the US a distant third. Christian beliefs and dogmas were also at risk. This would never do. The ETs had to be outwitted and defeated. The world was to be united against the ETs under the leadership of America and its allies.(Of course with clean, free energy, there would be no pollution, no climate change, no global warming, no poverty, no starvation - but these were not the problems of the 50s and 60s in America nor considerations for the 'free market' republicans who wanted the market to fix all these problems).

Truman and his team had done a good job keeping the ET information from the public, but now it was time to take it further underground, not only would the public not know about, it would be hidden from all elected officials as well. Nobody but those within military/intelligence complex who were already involved with ETs would have that information and any others would get to know only by invitation from those already in it. This group would be financed completely off the books, by black budgets from the CIA and other agencies or from friends in the know in private industry (banking, defense and energy/oil companies) or even self-financed by illegal activities when necessary. The ultimate coverup had begun. The private industry partners in this black project were led by Nelson's brother - David Rockefeller. Together with other European banking families, US defense contractors and energy interests, the two Rockefeller brothers would help the US intelligence communities (CIA/NSA/NRO etc) manage the operation. The golfing president signed off on it and essentially signed himself out of the loop without quite understanding what he had done.

The US Military/Intelligence Cabal and ETs

The plan to handle the ET phenomenon consisted of several projects (all run by the blackest of the black ops): The groups involved in the disinformation, abductions, torture, mutilations were very much like the Nazis - Mengele, Bormann, Himmler, Goebels all rolled into one (apparently only a Hitler was missing). I am convinced the planetary Dark Forces influenced the groups, some of them may have even been obsessed by one of the Lords of Materiality. As years past, the group went out of control. Even the civilian leadership (what little there was of it), like the Rockefellers, could no longer control them. They became a rogue operation within a rogue operation. If a CIA director or even a President dared interfere in the cabal's affairs, they and their families were at risk. No Democratic President was let in on the coverup. Kennedy who tried to find out more may have been assassinated for that very reason. Carter and Clinton did not have a clue and were threatened when they asked any questions. GHW Bush Sr. was in on it, but when he suggested revealing the secret, he too was threatened.

The Church and the ETs

When the Vatican was informed by the US government of the alien menace, they were equally appalled. They searched the Bible desperately for any indication of such beings. If the ETs were not angels or demons, what were they? Could the divine trinity be applied to the ETs too? The Father and the Holy Spirit seemed universal enough, but Jesus posed a real problem. Was Jesus just the Son of Man or also the Son of ET? There was no indications that The ETs accepted such a human/divine Son of God (or even a God). And they were an advance superior race! The whole Christian belief system built around the 'only begotten Son of God' was at risk. It was best to suppress all information regarding the ETs.

Recent statements from the Vatican indicate that they are preparing for the time when eventually the truth about ETs will be revealed. A priest (Monsignor Corrado Balducci) not directly associated with the top brass at the Vatican, has been authorized to state that "extraterrestrial encounters are not demonic, they are not due to psychological impairment, they are not a case of entity attachment, but these encounters deserve to be studied carefully". He spoke about the extraterrestrial people as part of God's creation and that they are not angels nor are they devils. Recently Fr. Josť Gabriel Funes S.J., the current director of the Vatican Observatory, organized a conference about the possibility and consequences of life existing in outer space. He even suggested that there could be aliens who were superior to humans and not guilty of original sin (Whatever that means! I guess, he is saying that the aliens are not demonic like the fundamentalists believe). Incidentally the SJ - the Society of Jesuits is supposed to control the Vatican's intelligence service.

Islam and the ETs

Luckily for us all, no Islamic country with the exception of Pakistan has nuclear weapons. Pakistan has never had a stable government. There was no point in the ETs approaching them. However, I am sure that if Pakistan's nukes ever got into the wrong hands, the ETs will disable them before any harm is done.

Islam is very specific about the type of beings that exist in the universe. According to Islam there only three kinds of beings - humans, angels and demons. The ETs were not humans and they were definitely not angels - that leaves only one choice. I am pretty sure the full disclosure of the existence of the ETs will result in the complete collapse of the Islamic religion. Unfortunately, the fanatics among the muslims will not give up without a fight. This will mean violent clashes between the firm believers (in this three kind of beings theory) and those Muslims who will accept that the ETs are not demons, but superior and advanced beings.

Foreign Governments and ETs

The motives of The US government are fairly clear. The presence of ETs, their technological superiority, the availability of limitless sources of energy were threats to US domination of the world as well its political, social, economic and religious structures. But what about the other nuclear powers that were also approached by the ETs? What were their motives for participating in the coverup? These are not so clear, so we must speculate. The analyses below is speculation, some day soon we will find how much truth there is in it. Besides having their own reasons for participating in the coverup, there is reason to believe that leaders of foreign countries have also been threatened by the US Cabal, these include threats to the lives of the leaders as well as their families. There are rumors that members of the families of foreign leaders have been abducted by the US staged fake aliens and frightened into silence.

Myths. Rumors and FAQ

How Will the Coverup be Resolved?

Our spineless media and government are too compromised and frightened by the Psychos for the coverup to be ever exposed from within. The only way this will be resolved is the actual Return of The Christ. Once the Christ emerges and is recognized by a majority of the world's people, He will declare Himself as such to all the people of the world. He will then introduce His own group of Masters and soon after that the Space Brothers - the ETs. This emergence of the Christ is scheduled to happen very soon. Similar to the 'Star of Bethlehem', four Stars have appeared in the sky - so that people from all over the world can see this sign of His imminent return, day and night. These four stars are actually spaceships - one from Mars, one from Jupiter, one from Venus and one from another planet (the original Star of Bethlehem was also an UFO). A brilliant spiral-shaped pattern of light was viewed by many witnesses in the skies over Norway on Dec 9, 2009, and it could be seen as far away as London. According to Benjamin Creme, this spectacular design was produced by one of the four 'stars'. It is a sign of hope and wonder that is intended to engage the world's attention. The ETs or Space Brothers are cooperating and working with Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy for the Return of the Christ.

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