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Individual Karma and Group Karma

Karma is the Law of Cause and Effect - one of several Laws that govern life in all the worlds, physical and otherwise - one of the most important natural laws. The simplest explanation maybe the one explained in the Bible - "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap". This quote sounds very judgmental - in actuality the Law of Karma is quite impersonal, objective and exacting in its operation. It makes no exceptions and plays no favorites. Every thought, every word and every action is a cause that leads to effects. Karma 'earned' in physical form has to be 'paid for' in physical life. As a being in incarnation performs actions, speaks or thinks, he could be said to be creating a 'bank balance' of karma good or bad, which he needs to work out in the future - either in this life or in subsequent ones. Of course, the mechanism of karma only works if you assume that the cycle of reincarnation exists. So reincarnation is a given when discussing karma (for understanding the process of reincarnation see this page). Any good act a person commits will be repaid as a receiver of a good action by someone else, any bad one will be repaid in the same way in the same exact proportion of his own action. At the same time as he is adding to his karma, he is working out the resulting karma of actions from his past.

The 'system' automatically keeps track of every action, thought and word. It maintains an exact accounting of his 'karma balance' at all times. There are four Devarajas or Lords of Karma who manage this system for our planet and all beings on it. Before a soul takes an incarnation, a life plan is created - this is a roadmap, not an exact day-by-day plan. It is decided how much of his total accumulated karma (known as Sanchit Karma in Sanskrit), he should work out in his new life. Luckily for all of us, this karma to be worked in the current life (known as Prarabhda Karma) is never more than what the individual can handle for his current stage of development. The new karma that he will create, is of course entirely up to him. Hopefully the net addition to the karma balance at the end of the life is positive for good karma and negative for bad karma - but obviously this is not always the case. By the time all karma is worked out, we are usually ready to complete the cycle of life and birth. Of course the purpose of life is not to create new karma or even to work out old karma, but the development or evolution of the individual soul as described here. As mentioned elsewhere, though the poor circumstances of other people may be present because of their own karma, it does not imply that they 'deserve' it. It is often your dharma (duty) as a fellow human, to save them from their bad karma. Also, we need to be very careful in life not to become the instrument of someone else's bad karma (even inadvertently). One of the important messages of the Bhagvat Gita is that the way to avoid creating new karma is to perform your dharma (or duty) without any regard for its fruits - in other words perform actions without any desire for its results for yourself (nishkam karma).

Some Western thinkers believe that the mechanism Karma is not fair or just because the person does not know or remember why he is being 'punished' - the so-called memory problem. Actually the results of karma can be both good or bad and should not looked on as a 'punishment'. It is a natural law like the law of gravity and whether you believe in it or not does not make any difference. In any case, the memory of a human being is in his brain and only contains the memory of this lifetime. Removing some cells in a person's brain can wipe out all his memory, but his karma will not change. The brain is destroyed at end of his life and all memory is lost. However, the soul of the person not only remembers this life, but remembers all of the person's past lives. The soul is what carries the burden of all karma not the personality of this particular life.

However, things get even more complicated than that - besides this individual karma, there is also different types of group karma - national karma, racial karma or other types of group karma which may affect a person's life and circumstance. Any group which is cohesive enough to function as a unit and develop its own causal body (where all karma is stored, hence called 'causal'), will have its own 'Sanchit Karma' which will affect the members of its group, though each member may not have played an equal part in building this karma, they will have to bear its consequences to some degree (though the consequences will be fairly distributed amongst the group members, the karma is worked out as a group outside the individual's 'life-plan'). One consequence of the return of the Christ is that as the spiritual level of the earth rises, the working out of karma is accelerated. Groups as well as individuals have to face the karmic consequences of their actions sooner, what previously took several lifetimes to workout, now happens in just a few years.

Here, I would like to the examine the karma for some groups, mainly nations. This is of course my personal opinion, but it is interesting to examine their karma (since their actions are relatively well known) and then see it worked out in the next few years. (As mentioned above, instead of taking centuries for nations to see the result of their karma as before, in this century it will just take a few years). Below is karmic analysis for the USA, Israel, Pakistan, India, South East Asia, China and Islam.

Karma of the United States of America

This country professes to be the leader of the 'free' world, the greatest democracy in the world, the champion of human rights and a supporter of democratic movements across the world. However, this has not been entirely true as demonstrated by many of its actions since WWII when it became the most powerful country on earth. The main purpose of its actions abroad (as well as many at home) has been to defend and protect capitalism rather than democracy. To many people (at least to most Americans) the two (capitalism and democracy), may seem synonymous, but that is far from the case. Capitalism can actually thrive under authoritarian regimes - for instance Suharto's Indonesia, Park Chung Hee's South Korea, Hitler's Germany or today's China, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Besides interfering in the politics of other countries and bullying and browbeating those that do not toe its line, the US has been for a long time been consuming (per capita as well as in total) more than its share of the world resources and polluting and damaging the world's ecology more than the inhabitants of other countries.

In its efforts to promote of capitalism and maintain control over other countries (to gain access to their resources as well as ensure the free and unfettered operation of market forces), the United States has not stopped short of subverting democracies and toppling governments, both elected ones and unelected dictatorships. The US has assassinated foreign leaders, participated in wars that have killed thousands of innocent people since WWII, interfered in and manipulated elections not only in countries that are 'enemies' but even its so-called friends (e.g. France, Italy, Greece). The string of US covert and overt wars - Iran, Guatemala, Bay of Pigs in Cuba, Chile, Bolivia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Panama etc is quite well known.

One more action which the USA may have to answer for, is its coverup of the UFO and alien phenomenon. You will find more information on this here.

At the same time as this has been going on, there have also been extraordinary acts of generosity (like the Marshal plan for Europe), providing leadership to the world and offering help where natural or man-made disasters have occurred. Where its main aim of protecting capitalism and controlling natural resources was not threatened, the US has supported human rights and democratic movements. When it has defeated or occupied any country, it has done its best to help the country get back on its feet and rarely has it started an overt war by invading other countries (with a few exceptions as in the case of Ronald Reagan - the 'conqueror' of Grenada).

The karma of both these actions has been balanced to some extent until year 2000, when the second Bush administration came into office. Since then the actions have been almost purely of the first kind, maybe even worse than previously with absolutely no compensating "good" actions.

All the facts/figures mentioned below (except where stated otherwise) have been revealed and confirmed by one of the Masters of the world's Spiritual Hierarchy. The Hierarchy does not actively interfere in the politics of the world by revealing the secrets of a government (even though they are aware of everything that occurs). They may inspire world leaders to some courageous action during the time of their need (as they did in the case of Lincoln or Roosevelt). They may even inspire an investigative reporter who was trying to ferret out some wrongdoing, but they have never directly revealed the crimes of any government until now, so this is really quite unusual. They do not actively take sides. They always act within Karmic Law as well as the Law that maintains that human free will (to do wrong or right) shall not be infringed. Perhaps the actions of the Bush administration have been so egregious that the Law has permitted them to do so, or perhaps the time has come that all such secrets are to be revealed.

  • Iraq

    Before starting the war in Iraq, US intelligence was aware that Saddam Hussein was terminally ill and would die of natural causes in a few years. The Bush administration saw this as their last chance to invade and gain control of Iraq's resources as well as establish a permanent strategic foothold in the middle east. 9/11 had given them a free hand to use force against any country and using the existence of WMDs as an excuse, they decided to invade and occupy Iraq. The manner in which the country has been ruined and the region destabilized since then is well documented. Since the invasion, over 800 thousand, maybe close to a million people have died in Iraq. (Even the John Hopkins Iraq mortality estimate is low). Invading a country under false pretenses without any provocation and causing the deaths of almost a million is a very heavy karmic burden indeed. All Americans have to share this burden to some degree whether they supported the war and whether or not they voted for George Bush.

  • Saddam Hussein

    Saddam was killed during a bombing raid early in the war. The person captured by the marines in the sensational raid was actually a cousin of Saddam's used by him as a double. Because of this relation, there was a DNA match. The Saddam double actually pretended to be the real Saddam after the capture - only the CIA as well as a few White House insiders (most likely including GWB, Rumsfeld and Cheney), knew his true identity. Seeing this capture as a media coup, the CIA was instructed to drug and brain wash the double, so that he actually started believing he was the real Saddam and started behaving as such. When he was finally executed by the Iraqi government, the poor man actually believed himself to be Saddam Hussein. It was interesting to watch George Piro (Saddam's FBI interrogator) on TV. One wonders if he was aware of the deception - on TV, Piro comes off as a regular boy scout, so maybe he was not. The real Saddam was a man of steel with a strong will, albeit a brutal and coarse person. He would not have written sappy poetry or cried at the end like this standin. (Incidentally, an FBI deputy director (Piro's boss) describes the Saddam Hussein interview as one of the top FBI achievements in the last 100 years - some achievement!) Of course many countries have sent innocent men to their grave without a second thought, but do so for merely PR reasons and to deceive the entire world in the process, is a serious karmic offence. Facts revealed by a Master do not need any corroboration, but here is some anyway.

  • Kidnapping, Rendition and Torture

    The Masters have not said anything about this topic, but the stories of kidnapping alleged terrorists around the world and flying them to other countries that allow imprisonment without any trial as well as torture are quite well known now. The illegal kidnapping and torture is bad enough, but that several innocent people(Maher Arar, Khaled al-Masri) have also been caught up in this makes it an even worse karmic crime. That the US government has not apologized to or compensated the innocent victims, means the nation still owes the karmic debt. The torture of inmates at US controlled facilities (Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, CIA sites abroad) is also well known. Josť Padilla (a US citizen) was so confused (crazed?) because of torture and drugs that by the time of his trial, he was on the side of the prosecutors rather than his own defense team. The torture of foreign citizens is worse karma. Of course, other countries torture prisoners too, but each has its own karma to answer for, no country can escape karmic consequences.

  • Assassinations

    Since 9/11, George Bush has authorized the CIA to hunt, detain or kill designated terrorists just about anywhere in the world. Many suspected terrorists have been targeted under this program, but there have been worse crimes. 'False flag' operations have been popular with countries and their intelligence services for a long time. These are operations in which a country does something terrible and makes it look like an enemy's doing. The Gulf of Tonkin is a well-known example. Another one, Northwoods was planned but never carried out. The CIA and the Mossad have been especially successful at these, since people easily believe the worst of their enemies (e.g. Communists or Arabs). The Bush administration, however, has taken this to another level. Having recognized that it is impossible to invade every country whose regime they do not like, they came to the conclusion that the second best way to change regimes was to discredit them in the eyes of their own citizens as well as the world. So began a program to assassinate the 'enemies of our enemies'. Since the 'enemies of our enemies' can be considered to be our 'friends', nobody in their wildest imagination would suspect the US of being behind these assassinations. This program is probably controlled out of the office of Elliot Abrams in the White House. The Master has revealed that the CIA was behind the assassination of Rafik Hariri, Gebran Tueni, and the attempted assassination of Mai Chidiac and Elias Murr (the last one may not be exactly a friend, but the rest were very pro-American). This was done so cleverly, that even the perpetrators may not know who paid them to do it (however, it seems that the CIA is not clever enough to figure out the Law of Karma or the existence of the Masters). These crimes are so vile (because the US is basically killing 'friends'), that the karmic consequence could be much worse than the 'ordinary' assassinations.

  • Palestine

    Ever since the creation of the state of Israel (which itself was orchestrated by the US), the US has been helping and funding Israel in its ethnic cleansing by ejecting Palestinians from their homeland. Israel still continues to oppress the inhabitants of the occupied land and expropriating more of their land. The Bush administration has been much worse than former occupants of the White House, in wholeheartedly supporting Israel in all its actions against the Palestinian people (including the persecution of Yasser Arafat while he was alive). This is a major karmic debt the US owes to the Palestinians. From its experience in Nicaragua, the US government learnt that a good way to maintain an image of 'democracy' while managing regime change was to encourage free elections, while intimidating the populous (mafia-style) into voting for its favorite candidates. Unfortunately for the US, this did not work this did not work and Hamas was elected by the Palestinians by an overwhelming margin. Ever since these elections, the US (and Israel) have worked to deny Hamas its legitimate right to rule in Palestine. The US/Israeli attempt to isolate Hamas has resulted in a split among the Palestinians - the West Bank and Gaza have separated into two independently administered territories (the Palestinians and many Arabs are neither sensible or even very likeable - at least to me. However, they have rights just like all human beings). The US continues to support Israel in its blockade and semi-starvation of the Palestinians in Gaza (mainly by using its veto to block UN resolutions).

  • Cuba, Haiti and South America

    Ever since Fidel Castro came to power, the US has been strangling the Cuban economy with its trade embargo. Were it not for the Soviet Union, Cuba would not have survived. Besides this embargo, the US has done its best over the past half century to destabilize Cuba, deny it essential supplies including food and medicine and has made several attempts to assassinate its leader. The Bush administration has been too busy with Iraq and Afghanistan to make too much mischief in this region, but it has tightened the embargo and made things more difficult for the Cuban government as well as its people. The US owes a big karmic debt to Cuba.

    In Haiti, the Bush Administration "initiated the destabilization of Aristideís government by imposing harsh sanctions, training Aristideís political opponents and encouraging them to reject internationally-sanctioned power-sharing agreements. Haitiís political crisis eventually escalated into violence until Aristide was overthrown in February of this year in what he calls a modern-day kidnapping in the service of a coup backed by the United States."

    The Bush administration is also trying to destabilize other countries in South America (like Venezuela) which has tilted too much to the left. Apparently it is perfectly all right for a large country like China to be communist, but a country in America's backyard can call itself socialist only at its own peril. Luckily, the US has been too busy in other parts of the world, to do as much damage here as they would like. But the US has still to pay South America the karmic debt it has built up by its imperialistic actions over the last many decades.

  • Non-cooperation and Unilaterism

    Under Bush, the US government has rejected several international treaties (ABM treaty, Kyoto protocol) and has refused to consult or cooperate with other countries. This too has karmic consequences.

The Karmic Consequences

The Masters predict that because of all this behavior, the US will have to go thru a 'wilderness experience' for several years. The term 'wilderness' refers to the 40 years in the desert that Moses led his people through in order to purge and cleanse them of their sins. This prospect especially for people like me who live in the US, is not very pleasant. One can only hope that it lasts for a period much shorter than 40 years (which it will). During this period, the US economy will decay and maybe even collapse, the dollar will become very weak, and American power will decline. If the US does not cooperate with the world, it will be ignored.

Hurricane Katrina was a direct karmic consequence of the US invasion of Iraq. It is important to realize that these nature driven karmic disasters are not planned or directed by anyone, they just happen according to karmic law wherever there is a natural propensity for such events (like hurricanes in New Orleans) as well as a karmic reason for their intensity. It is difficult for us to understand why the people of New Orleans need to suffer because of the US invasion of Iraq, but Katrina did serve to expose to the entire world the incompetence of the Bush administration and the underbelly of racism in the US. The Bush administration not only bungled the disaster preparation and relief operation, they lied about the extent of the disaster after it had happened. The company contracted by FEMA to collect bodies was instructed to dispose off the bodies without counting them. The actual death toll was close to twelve thousand (confirmed by the Master) while the official count was between one and two thousand. Our media failed miserably again in keeping the government honest.

However, the Masters point out that the Bush administration is an aberration - this is not America's true nature. Actually both the 2000 and 2004 Presidential elections were illegitimate - the 2000 election was decided by the Supreme court's blocking of the recount in Florida which Al Gore actually won (confirmed by the Master), while the 2004 election was rigged mainly in Ohio by computerized voting which automatically changed about one fifth of Kerry's votes to George Bush (again confirmed by the Master). The FBI must have been too busy with whistle blowers or pornographers to investigate this major assault on our constitution and democracy. The 2004 elections basically reduced the 'greatest' democracy on earth to the level of a banana republic. Again the 'freeist' media in the world failed at its job of being a watchdog. Here is the Master's article immediately after the 2004 elections.

The Masters have said that America's true nature is not that of competition and selfishness, but of idealism and self-sacrifice. America's true self (or soul) will eventually emerge after being chastened by the period of isolation and deprivation. The US will then demonstrate to the world its capacity for generosity and selflessness - the world can only wait!

Update (12/2008): At last, the long national as well as international nightmare is over. Bush's term will be ending soon and a democrat has been elected to the White House. I am convinced that Obama will try to correct the issues listed above (he cannot do anything about the fake Saddam). Hopefully, the world will be able to forgive America for the actions of its government. However, whether people forgive or not and whether Obama takes corrective actions or not, America's karma has to be paid for by America's citizens. Karma is quite relentless - there is no escape.
Update (6/2010): One more piece of really depressing information recently revealed - the sinking of the South Korean ship Cheonan was actually the work of the CIA rather than the North Koreans as claimed by the investigation and as accepted by most nations. This is a terrible act of state-sponsored terrorism - the country's karmic burden has been made much heavier by it. It is not known yet if the President or other members of the cabinet were in on this crime or if the CIA was acting on its own (if it were acting on its own, then the lack of executive oversight makes the future of American democracy appear even bleaker). The Obama administration may not be that much better than the Bush one.
Update (2/2011): It has been revealed recently that the sinking of the Cheonan was an independent action of the CIA - the Obama administration had no knowledge of it beforehand or after the fact (and even now believes that the North Koreans are responsible) - this means that the CIA is an out of control, rogue organization (very much like the ISI)
Obama's foreign policy has also had its failures. The main one was the intervention in Libya in 2011. Although championed mainly by Sarkozy and Cameron (as well as Hillary Clinton), Obama ultimately backed the bombing and implementation of the 'no-fly' zone in Libya. This led to the fall of Gaddafi and the country has never recovered from the ensuing chaos. The humanitarian disaster in Libya is some more bad karma for the US.
Update (4/2021):Is has been over a year since the last update. The karma of the US has taken a major step backwards under the rule of the Trump administration. The drone war became much more extensive, lethal and illegal. The US involvement in the Yemen war which resulted in many deaths and starvation, became deeper. The sanctions against Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and even North Korea were nothing short of criminal. All this bad karma will eventually have to be accounted for. A majority of the US population was against most of Trump's action, so hopefully the results of this karma will not last too long. The Biden administration has taken over since January, but we have not seen much improvement. Biden should immediately remove all sanctions taken against Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, North Korea or the consequences to the US in the long term could be quite terrible.
Update (4/2022):So far Biden has tried hard to reverse many of Trump's disastrous domestic policies, but he has not been that successful because of opposition in the Senate. But in foreign policy, Biden has been almost as bad as Trump. He has dragged his feet in reinstating the Iran deal. He has not normalized relations with Cuba or Venezuela. Worse, we now have the war in Ukraine. Biden could have averted this war with some smart diplomacy, but his team seems to be anxious to perpetuate the cold war. Almost all of the blame for the war of course lies with Putin, but Biden does not seem to know anything about the art of diplomacy. He is just escalating the situation, both with massive military assistance to Ukraine while not lifting a finger for negotiating peace. Instead, he is spending his time calling Putin names - 'killer', 'war criminal', 'genocider'. Whatever kind of monster Putin maybe, name calling is not the way to sue for peace. This war will make the karma of Russia as well as the US much worse.

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Karma of Israel

The Zionists in the world and the people of Israel have been living for a long time under the delusion of being the 'chosen people' of God and having been given the 'promised land'. In reality, other than being a very ancient people, they were never specially 'chosen' or ever 'promised' anything. Using this fantasy, the state of Israel has been expelling and persecuting the inhabitants of that area who have been living there for several thousand years.

Jerusalem is a holy city for the three major religions, but it is not any more special than other holy cities for other religions. Actually, the important centers thru which the Spiritual Hierarchy (and thus 'God') acts in the world are Geneva, London, New York, Darjeeling and Tokyo. Jerusalem or Israel are definitely not among them. When Jesus returns, he will be based in Rome. The Christ - Maitreya, himself, operates out of London. In contrast, because of Israel's ethnic cleansing, land grabbing, and racist and apartheid policies, Israel and the region have become a center of evil in the world.

Since the early 20th century the state of Israel and the Zionists have been ejecting Palestinians from their homeland with little or no compensation, so that they could establish a Jewish state in the so-called 'promised land' - basically a case of white Europeans (Ashkenazi Jews) colonizing another non-white country. Here is a partial list of UN resolutions regarding Israel and its neighbors. Most of the resolutions have been critical of Israel, most of them have been ignored by Israel. There have been no enforceable Security Council resolutions because the US has always vetoed such resolutions. What territories the Palestinians have left on the West Bank and Gaza are still controlled by the Israelis with illegal settlements still being built, crisscrossed by roads built on confiscated land, with very little water or resources for the inhabitants. The condition of the Palestinians is exactly like that of Native Americans in the 17th and 18th centuries, when the natives had their land taken away from them. The West Bank and Gaza are like Indian reservations with few resources or jobs for the inhabitants (Gaza is more like the Warsaw ghetto - blockaded from all sides). Just like the Native Americans were labelled savages, the Palestinians have been labelled terrorists. They were both fighting desperately to get their land back. Savages, terrorists, militants, even uncivilized people - call them what you will - whether they are likeable or not - the Palestinians still have the same rights as all human beings. Currently they are basically living like subhumans under the iron fist of the Israeli army (backed by US money, arms and protection). Israeli is the last colonial power left in the world.

The Karmic Consequences

I cannot begin to speculate on the karmic consequences of Israel's actions over the last sixty odd years. Unlike in the case of the US, there have been absolutely no redeeming actions to balance and compensate for this karma. We can only wait to see Israel's ultimate fate. The current (2014) incursion into Gaza has been especially egregious - I think Israel as a Jewish state is karmically doomed.

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Karma of Pakistan

The country was created as a separate country for Muslims by the British and Indian Muslim League by partitioning India in 1947. The secular Indian National Congress went along with the partition since this seemed the only way to get independence from the British. Since then, Muslim Pakistan and largely secular India have fought several wars over disputed territory. India has remained a democracy while Pakistan has been ruled mostly by its military with a few short-lived civilian governments in between. At the end of the 1971 war when Pakistan lost its eastern territories which became independent Bangladesh, the humiliated Pakistani Army realized that it could not win a conventional war with a larger India and decided that the only way to win was to breakup India from within by encouraging, funding and training separatist, guerilla and terrorist movements. Thus began Pakistan's involvement with terrorist organizations.

Since then Pakistan through its ISI agency has been and still remains the center of world terrorism and the chief state sponsor of terrorism in the world (in spite what the US propaganda may say). Pakistan trained and funded the terrorists who crossed into India - not just into Kashmir, but deep inside India territory and even in one case to attack its parliament. I believe the acts of terror were not only aided by Pakistan, but in many cases actually planned by the ISI. In the beginning, the ISI could turn on and off the terrorists at will. However, this activity also attracted Al Quaida and other non-indigenous players to Pakistan, and these were never under the ISI's command.

In recent years Pakistan could not help noticing that the Indian economy was growing at a rapid pace. The Pakistani Military/ISI thought of a new criminal activity that not only would undermine the Indian economic boom but also fund its own criminal activities in India at the same time. The ISI succeeded in counterfeiting Indian currency and flooding the Indian economy with it through its many agents. The currency they produced is said to be virtually indistiguishable from the real thing (actually this was accomplished because of a printer gifted by North Korean as payment for nuclear technology). This has been a major cause of inflation in India in the last year. The Indian government, though aware of the situation, wants to keep it quiet in case people loose confidence in the currency even further. Modi inadvertently solved this problem by cancelling all 500 rupee notes (he was trying to eliminate black money) - in effect, decapitating the ISI.

The Karmic Consequences

The 2005 earthquake in the Pakistani-held Kashmir territory was a direct karmic result of this terrorist activity. Again, this was a natural event which occurred almost automatically in accordance with natural and karmic law. (To reiterate, though some disasters - but not all, may be the result of the karma of the region, the individual victims do not 'deserve' it. It is always your dharma (duty) as a fellow human, to help the victims and have compassion for their suffering.)

Since the earthquake, the political situation in Pakistan has become worse. The terrorists that Pakistan nurtured and trained are now out of control. They, together with the Pakistani Taliban, threaten to destabilize and disintegrate Pakistan. Even so, Pakistan is not willing to give up on the Kashmiri terrorist organizations and is still keeping them in 'reserve' for when operations in India can continue after the internal situation is stabilized. The karmic result of all this may be exactly what Pakistan had planned for India - the eventual breakup of Pakistan into multiple parts - an independent Baluchistan, a new Pashtunistan and a territory comprising of Punjab and Sind (if the last two can hold together).

The criminal activity planned by Pakistan to undermine the Indian economy will very likely have the karmic effect of causing the total collapse of the Pakistani economy itself.

The latest floods in Pakistan are another example of the karmic consequences of exporting terror to neighboring countries. This time the disaster not only covers the terrorist sponsoring NFWP and FATA, but also extends to Punjab and Sindh. This is a direct result of a majority of Pakistanis supporting the terrorist activities of its army and the ISI as long as it is directed against its arch enemy - India. If a majority of the population supports such activities, they all have to bear the karmic consequences.

Update (8/2022):Pakistan's Karma has not improved, but gotten even worse. There is far more repression of minorities in the country - Shia, Hazara, Ahmadis and of course Christians, Hindus, Sikhs. The harboring and supporting of terrorists continues. The country is in dire straits - economically, politically and even environmentally. The people of Pakistan will need to endure the consequences of their bad karma, until they stop these activities.

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Karma of India

India has just come out of several centuries of abject poverty, decline, deterioration, multiple invasions and the humiliation of being ruled by foreigners. I believe that this long period of deprivation has been a direct karmic consequence of the treatment by the three upper caste Hindus of the fourth 'lower' caste and even worse treatment of the untouchables or 'outcastes'. Since independence, India has made a serious attempt to redress this by one of the most comprehensive affirmative action programs in the world for the lower castes and tribes. After paying its karmic debt, India has just begun to come out of this period of degradation and is making progress towards becoming a leader amongst nations.

However, to some extent, India maybe repeating the same mistake again in its treatment of the Muslim minority. Most Indians believe, that since they allow Muslims complete religious freedom and even their own civil code, that this is enough. Though the law says that everyone is equal, Muslims are regularly discriminated against, there is wide-spread prejudice, Muslims are amongst the poorest communities and in some instances, even their lives have been threatened. It is strange that the so-called "Hindu" right-wing party does not realize the karmic consequence of such actions. India maybe setting itself up for a repetition of history.

Update (4/2022):Under Modi, democratic values in India have deteriorated considerably. The country has become a quasi-fascist state with minorities losing many of their rights. Muslims are being treating almost as badly as Jews under Nazi Germany. For a devout Hindu, Modi does not seem to know anything about karma. He has increase India's bad karma considerably by refusing to protect non-Hindus and passing anti-Muslim laws. India will have to suffer much for its latest treatment of minorities (the recent heat wave and the coming food shortages maybe part of the karmic results).

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Karma of South East Asia

Indonesia has only recently become a democracy. Before that it was a dictatorship where almost one million people have been executed and many tortured as suspected communists. The Indonesian army has been responsible for many atrocities in East Timor. Shri Lanka has also been the scene of a bloody conflict between the government and the Tamils. Both these regions needed some 'karmic cleansing'. (I should repeat again that, though some disasters - but not all, may be the result of the karma of the region, it is always your dharma (duty) as a fellow human, to help the victims and have compassion for their suffering.)

The 2004 tsunami was the karmic result of the violence and conflict that has been going on in that region for several decades now. The worst affected regions were Indonesia (over 130,000 dead) and Shri Lanka (over 30,000 dead). India and Thailand were also affected, but comparatively less. Vietnam has also been the site of a prolonged and bloody war between North Vietnam and South Vietnam (and the US). However, war has its own karmic consequence built into it.

The recent cyclone in Burma/Myanmar is another example. Burma has been ruled by a brutal military dictatorship for almost 50 years. The country has basically two classes of people - those who are in the military (the privileged class) and the others - the rest of the population. Again, it is difficult to understand why ordinary people should suffer because of this karmic disaster. However, the actions of the military has affected the national karma, so that some event like this is inevitable. Death of so many people (estimated 100,000) is tragic, but they will all have the oppotunity of another life which may be better than this one. Hopefully, this major disaster will soften the stance of the army and may lead some day to a democracy.

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Karma of China

Another example is the China earthquake (2008). China has been a dictatorship ruled by the communist party for a long time. Not only is the justice system harsh with ordinary criminals put to death for relatively small offences, but dissidents and non-conformists (like the Falun Gong sect) have been persecuted, imprisoned and tortured. The most recent case is that of protestors and Buddhist monks in Tibet where the oppression has been on-going since the 50's. The earthquake is very likely the direct result of the accumulated as well as recent karma in Tibet. (Again, though some disasters may be the result of the karma of the nation, the individual victims do not 'deserve' it. It is always your dharma (duty) as a fellow human, to help the victims and have compassion for their suffering.) Since most of the Chinese population appears to be supporting this oppression of minorities (though they may not know all the facts), it seems appropriate that ordinary people be affected by this natural disaster, perhaps it will help soften their attitude to Tibet and other minorities.

Update (4/2022 and 11/2022):As mentioned above, the karma of China and its people is pretty bad. The CCP has detained Uyghurs and has been forcing them to work in detention camps. The US and allies call it genocide, although I think calling it genocide is an exaggeration. However, the detention and persecution of Uyghurs is definitely a crime against humanity. Even worse is the treatment of Falun Gong practitioners. This is a strange cult, but they have done nothing wrong as far as I know. Nothing to deserve incarceration and torture that they have been subjected to by the CCP. There are even rumors that the CCP has been harvesting organs from them (sometimes while they are alive). For decades this mistreatment of religious and ethnic minorities has continued, but in spite of this bad karma, the Chinese people prospered and got richer every year. But then came Covid-19 and everything has changed.

It was not China's fault that the Covid-19 virus appeared in Wuhan, China. However, it is China's fault that they initially kept it hidden and allowed the virus to spread across the world by not restricting infected people from leaving the country. The Chinese did manage to control the spread within their own country by using draconian lockdowns wherever cases were discovered. Although the CCP claims that their tight zero-covid policy exists in order to save lives, their main goal is to maintain stability and avoid bad publicity. The number of deaths or civilian casualties has never been that much of a consideration for the CCP ever since it came to power. With the appearance of new strains like Omicron and the bad karma of allowing the virus to spread world-wide, China will not escape similar widespread cases and deaths within its own borders.

The Chinese people ignored the atrocities against the Uyghurs, Tibetans and Falun Gong practitioners and totally supported the actions of the CCP. Now it is their turn to be mistreated by the CCP. The Covid-zero policy of the CCP has left the whole country reeling, people have been kept locked up in their homes for days, sometimes without any food. Many small businesses as well as migrant workers have no income and means to pay the rent or necessities of life. Infected people are taken to quarantine camps without adequate facilities and supplies. The people are finally experiencing life the way minorities have suffered for a long time. Many are trying to escape the country in despair. Karma will always have the last say.

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Karma of Tibet

Tibet is often seen as a peaceful and idyllic country, spoilt by being overrun by the Chinese in the 50's, its people subjugated and culture destroyed by the communists. However, Tibet before the Chinese invasion was far from perfect. Though Buddhism is known for its non-violence, Tibet has a history of conflicts and wars, internally as well as with China. The society itself was a feudalistic medieval-style serfdom. All land was owned by either the monasteries or a few very rich landlords. Most of the population were serfs who worked as bonded-labor to these landowners. In many ways their condition was worse than slavery, since the landlords or the monks were not responsible for their well-being. Education was limited to the monks. Women (even nuns) were treated as second class humans. The criminal justice system was harsh and barbaric. Though many of the monasteries were a place of strict spiritual practice, a few were really a place for rich monks to indulge their whims while being served by the ordinary Tibetans. Even worse, a small number of monasteries were secretly practicing a different kind of spirituality - that of the left-hand-path. These consist of secret practices (some quite unspeakable) which really are meant for the attainment of material and psychic powers rather than spirituality. We may not think much of these practices but there are reports that some of the monks were quite successful at these endeavors in black magic, enabing them to control people as well as events (successful enough for the Nazis to be very interested during WWII). Of course, none of this justifies the Chinese invasion, the many actrocities since then, the occupation and the attempt to destroy Tibetan culture, but Tibet as a nation does need to pay for its past karma.

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Karma of the Islamic World

Before the time of Muhammad, the Arabs were fairly primitive people not only in terms of religious beliefs but also in cultural and social terms. These were tribal nomadic people with no established system of laws or any political order. Christianity was relatively well established in Europe (which itself was going through its dark period). However, Christianity had not spread much in this area of the middle east. The religion of the Arabs was a kind of animistic paganism, mainly based on idolatry. There was much superstition, the use of 'magic' and blood sacrifices. The area was sorely in need of religious reform and some sort of divine revelation, which is (as explained elsewhere) one of the tasks of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Muhammad was a sufficiently advanced initiate that one of the Masters could communicate with him. The Master in this case was Jesus himself. The voice that Muhammad heard (which he thought was that of Archangel Gabriel) was actually that of Jesus. In this sense, Islam is actually an offshoot of Christianity. Whereas mainstream Christianity is derived from the teachings of Jesus and those of Maitreya, the Christ through Jesus, Islam is based on the teaching of Muhammad and those of Jesus given through Muhammad.

Though Islam was a great improvement over the existing religion in Arabia, I don't think there was any Hierarchical plan for it to spread all over the world as it finally did. The teachings were useful to the primitive people of Arabia, but even Persians who had far more sophisticated religions for many centuries did not need this simple faith. The Indian peninsula definitely did not need Islam which was really meant for a relatively primitive, uncultured people (To this day Islam remains an excellent religion for uneducated, uncultured, relatively unsophisticated, simple people - it can provide them with discipline, firm faith and structure in their lives). However, once the Hierarchy introduces a teaching to a people through a disciple, they do not control how the religion is established, organized or propagated. The Hierarchy never infringes on human free will in any way. The Arabs were very successful in spreading their religion mainly by force to the doorsteps of Europe and deep into India and further south to Indonesia and Malaysia. The Muslims confused the use of idols in worship by the Hindus with the same kind of idolatry that preceded Islam in Arabia. Luckily for the world, though the Muslims succeeded in making Buddhism almost extinct in India by destroying all major monasteries and killing most of the monks, they could not eliminate Hinduism which lived inside the homes of individual Hindu families.

The spread of Islam across this vast region from Europe down to South East Asia was done through violence, by putting thousands of people to death and persecuting any others who dared to follow other faiths. This has earned the entire Islamic world a huge amount of bad karma over several centuries. The Muslims have been paying for this bad karma for a long time, ever since.

Unlike other religions which have evolved over time to reform themselves, Islam has remained quite static. Laws and beliefs which were quite advanced and even progressive for the time of Muhammad, do not make any sense in today's world. It is difficult to imagine a people who still believe in stoning criminals to death, or cutting off their arms as punishment or flogging even women for relatively minor offences. The position of women in Muslim societies is especially deplorable. It is difficult to understand how otherwise learned men can defend considering a woman's testimony of less value than that of a man or treating women as possessions of men or their families. Many Muslims will argue that the Koran does not state that. However, the Sharia clearly considers women inferior to men and this is indefensible in today's world. The karma of such treatment of women is bad and more such bad karma is still being earned by the Muslim world.

For the true reformation of Islam, we will have to await the emergence of the World Teacher, the person who is both the expected Imam Mahdi and Maitreya the Christ. However, as has been pointed out, Islam is really an offshoot of Christianity, the main religion of the Piscean Age. The days of Islam as a separate religion maybe numbered - this may be the ultimate consequence of all its bad karma.

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Created: February, 2008

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